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Babe is hard at work. Here's what's developing at Blue Ox. 


The Blue Ox Creative team is currently developing both a feature length documentary film and a narrative short film. "Mid Drift," a documentary about the postpartum experience around the world, has begun principal photography and is currently fundraising. Our short film, "In the Yellow Wood" is in pre-production with a shoot scheduled in 2016.

Documentary Film: Mid Drift

Exposing the soft under belly of motherhood


Blue Ox Creative is teaming up with Angie and Mike Sonrode to produce their feature length documentary which explores postpartum body image in Western culture and beyond. 


America's obsession with "body after baby" is harmful to mothers, leading many to believe their postpartum body isn't good enough. Mid Drift aims to shift the conversation to embrace the challenges and magic of motherhood. We'll explore the impact postpartum body struggle has on the spouse and family and we'll visit cultures around the world to discover alternative ways to serve and embrace mothers.


To learn more, please visit the film's website:



Short Film: In the Yellow Wood


On a warm summer evening in 1970, middle-class high school graduate Garrett receives his draft letter for Vietnam. After months of lying to his family and friends about being accepted into college, there's no denying the truth anymore. As the night unwinds Garrett must face his oblivious parents, his successful girlfriend, and his uncertain future.


Blue Ox Creative is in pre-production for this short based on an original screenplay. The film is scheduled to be shot this upcoming year. 

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